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About Günther Raithel

Günther Raithel, Founder, KAHLA kreativ Foundation

Renewal is what it’s all about

The foundation is named after Günther Raithel, an ex-Rosenthal manager, who re-established KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH in 1994. In GDR times the company was called "VEB Feinkeramik" (VEB fine ceramics) and was the centre of the national porcelain industry.

Due to consistent modernisation of manufacture, product range and mar-keting, KAHLA has become one of the most successful porcelain manufacturer's in Germany, under the management of Günther Raithel's son Holger.

With designer Barbara Schmidt by his side, Raithel dusts down the traditional material porcelain and gets it fit for the new millennium. Since then, KAHLA has been awarded with more than 100 international design awards for innovative product design, intelligent and ecological concepts.