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Restaurant of the Future, 2014

In June 2014, students from the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts spent a week at the factory in Kahla. The young Icelanders study product design and learn to work with a variety of materials. In their home country Iceland, there are no professional porcelain manufacturers or factories with modern technology and expertise. Not even the pure material is available. In order to work with porcelain, the students depend on collaborations with companies in mainland Europe. The Günther Raithel Foundation - Educational Initiative KAHLA kreativ and the KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH provide students with the opportunity to receive mentoring and support and they strongly believe in the creativity and competence of young designers. Since 2008, KAHLA has been maintaining these close relations with the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts.

In 2014, as part of the "Restaurant of the Future" project, the group under supervision of lecturer Sigurlina Osuala brought plaster moulds into the porcelain factory to cast, glaze and fire objects. "We are so excited and grateful for the excellent support, the generous help provided by the staff, the "wonderful" porcelain paste and the opportunity to get to know the factory from the inside out", says Sigurlina Osuala.

The future designers who created the best works as judged by the School and a KAHLA team, are awarded an invitation to a three-to four-week-long internship at KAHLA. During this internship, the students are allowed to work freely in the model room, the casting and hand glaze departments and can interact with the design, marketing and sales teams. They have unlimited access to materials and resources.

Icelandic student Sunna S. Halldórudóttir, one of the first four candidates in the Flow project, participated in such an internship in Kahla in April this year and designed speakers made of porcelain with improved acoustics. ??The designs of the young designers hold promise - as shown with the "Una" carafe set, the "Designer’s Cut“ bowl set and with „Apparatus“, a citrus slice press with nutmeg grater. These designs by Icelandic designers have already been included in the KAHLA Atelier series.

Thorhildur Asmundsdottir introduced her project “Baun/Bean” which is a set of coffee cups inspired by the process of the coffee bean; the coffee bean is in fact a seed inside the berries of the coffee plant and when the berries are ripe, the beans are extracted and subsequently roasted in a variety of ways for different tastes, thereafter the bean is then ground and coffee beverages are made. The idea of the design is for the consumer to feel as if he’s drinking straight from the coffee plant, because not only is he holding the berries in his hand, but the berries will appear inside the cup as well. With this idea she convinced the jury and got the internship at the KAHLA porcelain factory.

In May 2017 Thorhildur Asmundsdottir attend the internship for three weeks. Thorhildur got the chance to work in the modelling department where she had her own work station with tools and materials and all the support she needed by the KAHLA staff.