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International Porcelain Workshops

KAHLA-Kreativ Porcelain Workshop 2015

Since the beginning of the 1990`s, KAHLA Porzellan has opened its doors to artists, ceramists and designers for the International Porcelain Workshops KAHLA kreativ. From all candidates, an independent jury selects a group of twelve to fifteen participants who for four weeks move their ateliers into the KAHLA production halls. An intensive work process under factory conditions leads to the creation of experimental designs. 

The workshop concludes with a symposium with a factory exhibition, which later becomes a travelling exhibition.


In an interdisciplinary co-operation, designers, ceramists and fine artists with different cultural backgrounds seek creative and innovative possibilities to use porcelain and to give new impetus for working with it, also and especially in combination with other materials. Over the course of 4 weeks, they develop design-oriented or free artistic pieces of work. Working directly within the production facilities will stimulate the creative process.


Kahla has a tradition of more than 170 years in porcelain production. Today, KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH is one of the most modern and most innovative porcelain producing companies in Europe. With new, award-winning product concepts, KAHLA is successful all over the world. Regularly, young designers get the chance to turn their ideas into reality, for instance in the biennial KAHLA design competitions or in the traditional workshop KAHLA kreativ taking place for the 6th time in 2015. Participants will have their studio within the highly productive industrial plant, in direct contact with the employees and with access to the production facilities.

KAHLA-Kreativ Porzellanworkshop 2015