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5th International Porcelain Workshop KAHLA kreativ INVENTURE

European porcelain was invented three hundred years ago in Meissen. Fifty years later, master glass makers from Thuringia independently succeeded in manufacturing the first Thuringian porcelain. For KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, Thuringia's largest porcelain manufacturer, developing new products is inextricably linked with experimenting - on the technical, artistic and design level. To keep redefining porcelain in today’s world KAHLA also promotes projects by talented young designers and the free artistic exploration of porcelain as a material. The exhibition has three parts.

On 25th February 2010, the jury selected four German and eight foreign participants from a total of 150 applications for the 12 coveting places on the 5th KAHLA kreativ workshop between 14th June and 9th July 2010.