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7th International Porcelain Workshop 2018 - Tasting Tomorrow

Workshop: 11th June –  6th July 2018 in Kahla
Symposium: 6th July 2018 in Kahla

Porcelain, Cuisine and Bauhaus

"Porcelain and food have an almost symbiotic relationship: the former serves as a vessel, stage or inspiration for the latter; and their textures, development process and processing methods, and finally their transformation through heat or fire are similar.

Tasting Tomorrow, the 7th International Porcelain Workshop KAHLA kreativ, aims to be a platform for the experimental work with porcelain in the context of exploring food. One year before the Bauhaus celebrates its 100th anniversary, the workshop seeks to develop new ways of linking cooking and eating to work and life and the objects it requires – just like it was done at this institution."

Prof. Barbara Schmidt



Designers, ceramists and visual artists from various cultural backgrounds will have the opportunity to explore the creative potential of porcelain material. In an interdisciplinary cooperative effort, new ways for the creative and innovative work with porcelain shall be found, also and especially by experimenting with combining porcelain and other materials. Over the course of four weeks, this creative process shall result in design-oriented and artistically free works of art. Working in close proximity of the production facilities at KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH will inspire the creative process.


Porcelain has been produced at Kahla for more than 170 years. Today, KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH is one of the most modern and innovative porcelain producers in Europe. With novel, multiple award-winning product concepts, KAHLA has achieved success worldwide. On a regular basis, KAHLA gives young designers the opportunity to realise their ideas. The participants of the workshop will have their studio in the midst of the highly productive industrial plant in direct contact with staff and with access to the production facilities.


Dr. Sibylle Hoiman (DE), curator Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin 
Wiebke Lang (DE), editor in chef designreport magazine, Frankfurt am Main
Wilhelm Siemen (DE), director Porzellanikon State Museum of Porcelain, Selb
Andrin Willi (CH), editor in chef food magazine marmite, Zurich
Prof. Barbara Schmidt (DE), designer KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH and professor weißensee berlin school of art and design

KAHLA-Kreativ 2018 Tasting Tomorrow, Ausschreibung Porzellanworkshop



Günther Raithel Foundation – Educational Initiative KAHLA kreativ