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Alena Antonia Waggershauser, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Alena Antonia Waggershauser

(born 1990 in Weingarten, Germany) currently studies Industrial Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. As part of her studies, she spent a semester abroad in Lisbon and attended several workshop classes, which raised her interest in ceramics. For the design Cargo Bike, her project group won the Academy Award from the Stuttgart Arts Academy, and for her bird house Simply Charming she received an award and a publication in GRID Magazine.

La partition de musique
Porcelain, cast, coloured paste, decorated with paste
20-21 cm x 9 cm

Porcelain, cast, embedded organic material that burns up during firing, gilded
8,5 cm x 6,5 cm

My approach was to try to understand the material through different ways of treating and processing, and to make it comprehensible for me. To combine porcelain with other materials and to include those in the production process also fascinated me. My goal was to explore a wide spectrum of creative means with regard to porcelain as a material. Which novel surfaces, structures, means of expression can be found? What types of manipulation, modification, influences or transformation are there? I was inspired by the different stages of the processing and production process with its capabilities to transform the existing and to create something different and new from porcelain.

In particular, I enjoyed and appreciated the warmth and generosity of all staff members and participants and the incredible support and candour. I could look behind each door, could ask any question and use and test everything.