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Marie-Anne Saint-Hubert, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Marie-Anne Saint-Hubert

(born 1987 in Soyaux, France) is a ceramics designer in Aixe-sur-Vienne, where she is currently working at the studio of the artist Armelle Benoit. She studied Sculpture and Design in Bordeaux, Milan and Limoges. In
Limoges, she was a member of ECART (European Ceramic Art and Research Team). She participated in numerous internships and workshops where she worked on the realisation of design and art projects, including designs for porcelain and shoes.

Long Legs Pets
Porcelain, cast, joined
11 cm x 16 cm

The mould of the mould
Porcelain, cast, gilded
7,5 cm x 11,5 cm Ø 10,5 cm

There are two types of cups :
The first group of cups is static, just like long-legged pets. The second group is moving, and exhibits several types of movements: rocking, twisting and swinging (not shown).

I used a plaster mould – from the factory collection – which was made of three different parts. It was initially designed to shape liquid clay into the lid of a teapot. I reproduced this mould itself in porcelain with the goal to use it as a culinary mould. My aim was to bring this particular object into the everyday life. While the user is cooking and baking, he uses the same gestures and movements as the worker at the factory: unsettle the mould, fill it with dough, resettle, bake and then enjoy!