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Marjukka Takala, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Marjukka Takala

(born 1982 in Vantaa, Finland) is an independent designer in Helsinki, Finland. She studied Ceramics and Glass Design (BA) and Applied Arts (MA) at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto) during which time she completed an internship at Iittala. For her work, she received several scholarships from the Arts Council of Finland and a grant from the Iittala Group. Her ceramics and glass designs are exhibited worldwide, including in France, Japan and Ireland. She is the Chair of the UKLY Association for New Ceramics and Glass, Finland.

Pikku Marie
Porcelain, cast, copper pressed
8 cm x 11 cm

Pikku Marie
Porcelain, cast, decorated
9 cm x 11 cm

I have created a bain-marie inspired by Swedish cookbooks. It is a cooking utensil elegant enough to also be used at the table. It was designed with two goals in mind: to make preparing food a more relaxed experience and to have an object to behold. I concentrated only on this one product the whole duration of the workshop. This allowed me to create an object that is harmonious in proportions, colour and decorations.

A minimalist object has to be proportioned precisely right, so I spent a good deal of time on finding the right measurements. For the bain-marie, I selected some seemingly mismatching details from KAHLA’s vast catalogue of designs, but also created my own designs. By altering the initial design with different handles and surface designs, I found out how radically one detail can change the appearance and feel of a product. KAHLA, being a factory with many layers of history, is full of interesting details. I found many intriguing surfaces and forms just by observing the surroundings.