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Meng-Chan Yu, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Meng-Chan Yu

(born 1988 in Pingtung City, Taiwan) is a freelance artist. She studied Fine Arts at the National Taipei University of Education, the Muthesius Academy of Arts, Kiel and Applied Art and Design at the Aalto University Helsinki. Her designs were entered into several international competitions, such as the KOBE Biennale, Japan and Seapots, Teapots and a Sunday Tea Party, Cascais, Portugal. She was the recipient of the Taiwan Germany Exchange Scholarship of the Taiwanese Ministry for Education and of a full scholarship for foreign students from the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation.

The Falling-down Cup
Porcelain, cast, glazed
Pot 13 cm x 19 cm
Mug 11 cm x 6 cm

Cup and teapot are meant to be used for liquids. If you move the vessels, the liquid surface always remains horizontal. These are well-known facts. In my work, I combined these two mundane facts and showed them
in a new relationship.

Porcelain paste is a liquid. It also always forms the same horizon. The colours of my objects are not painted, but cast instead. Their position shows how the slip was poured into the plaster mould. I show the flow properties of porcelain with the help of plain everyday objects that meet all conventional functional criteria.