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Rachel Harding, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Rachel Harding

(born 1986 in London, Great Britain) holds degrees from the Royal College of Art and Cambridge University. After working several years as in-house designer for Droog in the Netherlands, she set up her own design studio in London. In her work, she experiments with materials, processes, shapes and contexts and her diverse portfolio includes lighting, carpets, furniture, tableware, spaces, installations and dinners. Rachel Harding was awarded the Emerging Creatives Residency at the Hospital Club, London. Her clients include Droog, Established and Sons and the A Palazzo Gallery. She is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art
and the London College of Communication.

Chroma I
Porcelain, cast in layers, coloured paste, turned on the wheel
Ø 21 cm

Chroma II
Porcelain, cast in layers, coloured paste, turned on the wheel
Ø 13 cm

Whilst at KAHLA, I have developed several experiments, all of which have focused on intervening in the industrial processes of the KAHLA factory in new ways.

„Turned porcelain“ is a new kind of production process using coloured slip. By pouring different colours of slip into the factory moulds* several times, I am able to create a layered structure that can be turned on the wheel rather like wood. I also experimented with the layered aspect of this process, creating several pieces that were minimal and white with a colourful, internal structure, just visible on the edges.

I was very interested in the industrial context of the factory. I experimented with the moulds, processes and materials within the factory, seeing how they could be combined with craft to create new designs and design processes.

* bowls from the KAHLA series Aronda und Update