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Sophie Liechti, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Sophie Liechti

(born 1981 in Bern, Switzerland) has been working as an independent designer and woodworker under the Atelier Volvox label in Zurich since 2010. She designs furniture, interior spaces and home accessories. She studied Industrial Design at the ZHdK Zurich and went on to join the design studio nose, where she worked on a variety of industrial design projects in the area of household appliances, furniture, trains and sports apparel. Her designs were presented in curated exhibitions including as part of Blickfang in Zurich and Basel and Bestform in Bern.

Bowls and Lamp
Porcelain, cast, modelled
Lamp 22 cm x 13 cm

Tea Set
Porcelain, cast, joined, coloured paste
23,5 cm x 8 cm

Bowls and lamp. Casting porcelain in several steps creates different wall thicknesses that leave graphic rings in the bowls and the lamp. When light shines through those objects, the different layers become visible.

A new type of tea set with a porcelain bottle. The bottle has a double-walled upper part and therefore can be held with bare hands even if its content is hot. The set consists of one bottle and two cups of the same design.

To see the industrial production process up close was an enriching experience for me – as was the collaboration with the other workshop participants. In particular, I appreciated the combination of sensual experiences and technical capabilities. My products tell of the manufacturing process, which gives them a poetic voice.