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Svenja Keune, KAHLA-Kreativ 2015

Svenja Keune

(born 1986 in Hemer, Germany) is a free-lance artist and specialises in communicative surfaces. She studied Textile Design at the HAW Hamburg. In her work, she focuses on the poetic interface between man and object. Her work has been exhibited at international design festivals, including in Berlin and Milan. Svenja Keune was the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, such as the graduate stipend from the Claussen Simon Foundation, Hamburg, the Lumen Award, Bremen and the DMY Award, Berlin. Currently, Svenja Keune lives and works in Berlin. She will begin her doctoral studies in Sweden in autumn.

Encyclopaedia of Poetic Objects I
Porcelain, cast, textile dipped in porcelain mass and fired
5,5 cm x 21 cm

Encyclopaedia of Poetic Objects II
Synthetic material and porcelain, cast, modelled, glued
12 cm x 17 cm

Objects at the borderline of usability that stimulate the mind and appeal to the senses. My encyclopaedia contains experiments with porcelain that have their origin in textiles or are incorporating textiles. Surfaces that create airy spaces to provide room for interpretation.

Specialising in communicative surfaces, textiles and electronics, I spent those four weeks with the intensive exploration of the expressive power of porcelain and devoted myself to inquisitive experimenting. This led to a creative cycle of constant reinvention, fuelled by coincidences, intuitions, mistakes and the properties of the material. Mouse traps and weed trimmer line*, crochet hooks, packing tape and a piping syringe were part of the experience.

* abrasion-resistant synthetic string with long term elasticity